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Adopt-a-family program  

Soldier in uniform decorating Christmas tree with his daughter. An off duty military man s
Each year Family Business expresses our gratitude to service members through our holiday "Adopt-A-Family" program, where we provide clothing, toys, essential items, and financial support families in need. 

Meet the 2022 families

Family 1

This Service Member suffers from PTSD since returning home from deployment. His wife has heart issues and has been hospitalized. She had to quit her job and is now only able to work part time. We are happy to help provide this family and their two children with a memorable holiday. 

Family 2

This Service Member is living paycheck to paycheck while supporting her husband and six children. She hopes to be able to provide her children with the necessities needed to make it through the winter. This service member has graciously allowed a housing-insecure family member and her three young children into her home while she helps her find housing and childcare. We hope to take some of the burdens off of this service member and provide gifts on top of winter clothing and gear for her whole family. 

Family 3

This dedicated mother and service member passed away at the age of 31 this September, leaving behind her husband and two children, ages 7 and 9. The kids are now living split between their father and grandparents. While this family will face many challenges this holiday, we hope to provide some stability to this family by providing the children with everything they need. 

Family 4

Family Business is supporting a National Guard Service member and his family, consisting of his wife and three kids, who are four, eight, and thirteen years old. While his wife is at home watching their baby boy until they can secure a spot in early childhood schooling for him, this service member is struggling to provide for his family with one income. We hope you can join us in helping support this family for the holidays!

Untitled design (4).png
Untitled design (4).png

Goal: $8,000

Raised: $6,198

Family 5

This service member is struggling to make ends meet as he supports his six children. He has reenlisted in the military for another 6 years, and was hopeful that his reenlistment bonus would help him catch up on past due bills, provide his family with additional food as food stamps are not covering their needs, and provide his children with gifts this holiday. With his reenlisted bonus getting pushed back each month, we hope to provide this family with the necessities they need this holiday. 

Looking to get involved?


Any Amount 

General Program Donation

A donation to our adopt a family program will support all families through providing household essentials for all members. 



Adopt a Child for the Holidays

When you adopt a child for the holidays, you will be provided with a wishlist of clothing, toys, and activities for a child in need. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 8.09.37 PM.png

$100 & Up

Purchase a Grocery Giftcard

Grocery gift cards help families put food on the table during the holiday months and beyond. 


$750 $ Up

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

We support families of all sizes during the holidays. Click here if you are interested in providing for an entire family this year as a group or individual. 






How it started

The founders of Family Business began the Adopt-A-Family program 5 years ago with the goal of assisting families in need during the holidays. With the help of our supporters, our program has grown each year, allowing us to assist more families and increase our impact. The funds collected are used to buy each family essential household items such as cleaning supplies and cookware, as well as toys and clothes for the children. We hope that you will join us in this tradition of giving back to those in need. 


$2,500 raised for a grandmother and her grandson transitioning from a housing shelter to their own home!

$5,000 raised for a single mother and 4 children transitioning from a housing shelter to their own home!

$11,000 raised for a veteran diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and his 5 children and a veteran recovering from a debilitating accident and her son.


Over $11,000 raised to support a single mother and her 5 children facing financial hardship during the pandemic.  


Over $16,300 raised for four militaries families. Read their stories here

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