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family business

who we are

Family Business is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit narrowly focused on improving the lives of Connecticut families and their children. Family Business works at the grassroots level to identify hyperlocal issues and provide creative solutions in promotion of positive social change.

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What we do


We work with educators, counseling professionals, government officials, and partner nonprofits to identify social, economic, and educational issues impacting both children and parents in underserved communities. We seek to alleviate associated hardships by: 

  • leveraging our network donors to provide direct relief; 

  • relying on the educational, legal, philanthropic, and social service experience of our volunteers and board members, and

  • using our local business affiliations to amplify, supplement, or fill gaps in existing services.

why we do it

The founders of Family Business envision a world where all families have an equal opportunity for happiness, health, and success. Family Business was created in December 2019 to diagnose both individual and collective barriers to this vision, and treat finding prompt, thoughtful, and coordinated solutions like a “business” in which no problem is too small.


our supporters who make it possible

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