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Team Honey Tree Preschool Monroe adopt-a-family page

Meet The Family

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This year, we have the honor of supporting a service member and his family, including his wife and three children during the holidays. This service member's wife is diagnosed with Pseudo-tumor-cerebri, a rare brain condition leading to blindness, muscle weakness, and over 30 surgeries in the past three years. She faces challenges with insurance coverage for medications, accumulating medical debt, and is currently unable to work based on doctor's orders. Despite these obstacles, she remains a dedicated provider for her family. The spouse's deployment requires family support in caring for the children during her extended illness. Multiple hospital visits, often out of state, have added to the financial strain due to travel expenses and non-covered medical costs. We hope to ease the financial burden on this family during the holidays through providing them with gifts, household essentials, and grocery gift cards. We hope you join us in creating a memorable holiday for this family!

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Get Invovled 

If you would like to get involved, you can donate through PayPal below or scan Family Business's QR Code and leave a note that your donation is for "Team Honey Tree Monroe." We appreciate your support in helping us reach our fundraising goal!

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Meet Honey Tree Preschool Monroe

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Hello from Honey Tree Preschool! We are a cherished educational haven nestled in the heart of Monroe, CT, where learning has blossomed since 2002. Founded by the nurturing vision of Danielle Gallop, a devoted mother of two, Honey Tree is a family affair with both her daughters actively shaping the educational landscape alongside her.


Core Values: 

At Honey Tree Preschool, our commitment revolves around five core values that form the bedrock of our educational philosophy: respect, caring, support, enthusiasm, and growth. We foster an environment rooted in respect, where each child is valued for their uniqueness. Caring is not just a principle but a way of life, as our dedicated staff ensures a warm and supportive atmosphere that encourages every child to flourish. 


Support is woven into the fabric of our educational approach, recognizing the importance of collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. Enthusiasm infuses every corner of Honey Tree, creating a vibrant and joyful learning environment that sparks curiosity and a love for discovery. Embracing the spirit of growth, we empower young minds to flourish intellectually, socially, and emotionally.



At HTP, we're more than a school; we're a family. Together, we celebrate each stage of your child's development, ensuring they feel cherished and encouraged to explore the world around them. Our program is based on the playful and engaging Piaget theory of adaptation, where learning is a joyful journey of assimilation and accommodation.


But we're not just about play; we're about purposeful play! Our play-based program is carefully crafted to include teacher-directed activities, giving each child the space to challenge themselves, make mistakes, and learn from them. Mistakes are stepping stones to success, and we're there every step of the way, guiding and supporting them until they conquer new skills.


Our goal is to teach children to think about the world as a whole and not just themselves. Each month, we embark on community initiatives, supporting local causes through fundraisers or donation drives. At Honey Tree, we believe that instilling a sense of responsibility and community early on is the key to fostering compassionate and socially aware individuals.


Come join the Honey Tree family, where we nurture not just the minds but the hearts of our little ones, making every day a new adventure in learning, laughter, and community spirit!

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