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Each year Family Business expresses our gratitude to service members through our holiday "Adopt-A-Family" program, where we provide clothing, toys, essential items, and financial support to military families in need.

How it started

The founders of Family Business began the Adopt-A-Family program five years ago with the goal of assisting families in need during the holidays. With the help of our supporters, our program has grown each year, allowing us to assist more families and increase our impact. The funds collected are used to buy each family essential household items such as cleaning supplies, cookware, and toys and clothes for the children. We hope you will join us in this tradition of giving back to those in need.

A look Back


$2,500 raised for a grandmother and her grandson transitioning from a housing shelter to their own home!


$5,000 raised for a single mother and 4 children transitioning from a housing shelter to their own home!


Through the Connecticut Army National Guard, Family Business was able to adopt two amazing military families during the 2019 holiday season. Our first veteran was a father of five who was medically discharged from the National Guard due to stage three cancer. Our second veteran was a single mother to a five year old son who was forced to medically discharge due to a debilitating car accident. With the help of over 70 donors and volunteers, we raised 10,920 dollars for these families!


In 2020, we partnered with the Connecticut Army National Guard to support a veteran and her family. Our veteran enlisted with the National Guard at age 17 and has been proudly serving for 22 years. As a single mother with five children, she has always worked hard to support her family; however, the effects of Covid-19 have increased her financial hardship. She found it difficult to keep up with the cost of utilities with her children all home from school during the day. We were able to raise over 11,000 dollars to help this mother afford essentials such as groceries, heating costs, rent, and household supplies, as well as clothing and toys for her children.


In 2021, Family Business raised over 15,000 dollars to support four military families in need. Additionally, thanks to the Osterman Foundation, we were able to contribute close to 8,000 dollars to help families catch up on their bills and pay rent. Their stories are listed below:

Project Gallery

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