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Wesley Krombel's Adopt-A-FamilY Page 

The Ravenscroft's adopt-a-family page

Meet The Family


This year, we have the honor of supporting an Active Guard Reserve Soldier and his family—his wife and their soon-to-be 1.5-year-old baby boy. During the last two months of her pregnancy, his wife had to step away from her small business due to being placed on bed rest. The situation became more challenging when their son was born and admitted to the NICU. Trying to navigate life expenses and medical bills has been an uphill battle, compounded by the family's loss of income during the pregnancy.


We hope you join us in making a difference for this military family, ensuring that their son has everything he needs during the holidays. Your generosity will not only brighten their season but also provide much-needed support as they work towards regaining stability.

Get Invovled 

If you would like to get involved, you can donate through PayPal below or scan Family Business's QR Code and leave a note that your donation is for "Team Ravenscroft." We appreciate your support in helping us reach our fundraising goal!





Meet the ravenscrofts

We’re the Ravenscrofts! As a veteran family ourselves, we are looking to help out another family this holiday. We are a growing family of three, soon to be four. We have a beautiful boy and one on the way, as well as our two dogs who we love! We hope you join us in providing clothing, gifts, and essentials to a family in need this Christmas!

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